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Members of the Alumni Association

Contact: (718) 262-2420

Grants and Proposals - Is responsible for preparing proposals to solicit grants and donations from public and private foundations.
Chairperson: Vacant

Finance - Is responsible for preparing the association's master budget and monitoring all expenses.
Chairperson: Antoinette Sumter

Planning/Fundraising - Is responsible for planning the association's short and long term goals and projects. Developing and implementing yearly programs for the purpose of raising funds and preparing the calendar of events.

Chairperson: Vacant

Audit - Is responsible for conducting a non-financial audit of the association each year by performing a compliance examination of records and to audit all procedures for compliance.
Chairperson: Vacant

Membership- Is responsible for recruitment of new members, determining the amount of dues to be assessed, and encouraging the reactivation of inactive members.
Chairperson: Doreen Batiste-Davis

Scholarship - Is responsible for soliciting and reviewing applications of candidates for scholarships and awards.
Chairperson: Joyce Hylton-Spence

Public Relations - Is responsible for production, review and implementation of publications, correspondence, and the speakers bureau, and planning and implementing public relations activities.

Nominating- Is responsible for receiving letters of intent from candidates wishing to run for office, interviewing candidates and preparing the slate.
Chairperson: Merle France

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